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Dulux Accredited

What does Dulux Accredited mean?
Dulux Accredited painters have been recognised by Dulux as trade leaders in the professional Australian painting industry. Each Dulux Accredited painter has been hand picked by Dulux for their quality workmanship, customer service and professional approach. This is your assurance of a quality job.
Experienced and Skilled
Dulux Accredited painters are specially selected by Dulux for their superior skills, experience, pride and commitment to the painting industry.
Quality Workmanship
Dulux Accredited painters understand the importance of a properly prepared surface, and only use Dulux premium products to give you a professional, and long lasting finish every time.

The reputation of Dulux Accredited painters is important to them. While other tradesmen may not even turn up, your Dulux Accredited painter will always arrive on time or telephone you.

Accurate and Detailed Quotes
Expect a properly prepared quote, fully explaining which methods and products best suit your individual needs.

Best Value
A quote that is less than that of your Dulux Accredited painter can be an indication of an inferior job or shortcuts. By investing in a Dulux Accredited painter your job will last longer, therefore providing the best value in the long term.

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