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Why are there such large variations in price between painters?
What you pay for is what you get. As a client, you must keep in mind that its not only the service you pay extra for, but also the expertise, advice, detail, quality, materials and experience. All these aspects are vital in determining what procedures and finishes will be applied. A cheaper painter can not offer the same unrivalled workmanship that Iconicote can.
Is a cheaper paint quote just as good as one that’s more expensive?
The simple answer is no. You must as a consumer look into what is being offered and what the finish product will look like. Many so called “painters” come from different trade backgrounds and have delved into the painting and decorating trade because it looks simple, but these are the same people who will offer you a cheaper price because they lack the experience, detail and most definitely are not masters of the trade.
How important are insurances?
When you hire Iconicote, unlike with our cheaper rivals, you will be provided with all insurances. i.e Public Liability, Home Owners Warranty Insurance, Personal Accident and Injury and Workers Compensation Insurance. Iconicote also provides a five year workmanship warranty backed by Dulux for completed works. These insurances obviously impact on price, but as a client you will not be held liable for any accidents arising to you, your property or our team. Hence if a problem was to occur and these insurances were not current or were non existent, you as the property owner are by law responsible for all damages and costs.

Why choose Iconicote?
If you appreciate superiority and have an eye for detail, don’t risk calling anyone else to paint your property. Every job that has been completed by Iconicote stands out from the rest, by our incomparable workmanship, quality and service.

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